Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ragged as the Road I'm On, (Reckless Kelly and fly tying)

A small surgery procedure had me and my pack laid up for five days when I could stand it no more. I persuaded Susan and three other Delta buddies to go see Reckless Kelly at the Rev Room in Little Rock Saturday night. The Idaho-Austin Texas musicians promise Western Rock n Roll and they sure as hell deliver.  From the first song of "Wicked Twisted Road" to the great songs of Pinto Bennett, the Braun brothers played as smooth a show as I have seen. When they come to your town, grab a Shiner or three and listen to great western rock n roll! Or better yet crank up your rig and head to the Rockies and listen to them all the way.
My next project was to tie up some loose ends. Literally. I have been a really poor at fly tying for a few years.  I've basically tried to copy what Susan has tied and it's rarely been copied correctly  - so off we went to class. Hopefully, I will correct some of the shortcuts that flawed my imitators. Susan is going just to humiliate me I think. I'll post some pictures when they are presentable.  One more musical note -Ryan Bingham is heading our way.  It will be THE biggest show of the year.  I'll try to get a video or two. We sure look forward to seeing him again. My next bird hunting trip will still have to be two to three weeks my doctor said. My dogs think I'm weak and should just 'LOAD UP".

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