Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tom Ness and Nellie

Susan and I stopped by Oahe kennel in North Dakota and visited with Tom Ness in October. We had the privilege of making a short training round with Tom and several of his Cockers. Over the years we have had a couple of Boykins trained by Tom and look forward to him working this summer with Cap'n Pablo. The video is really crappy but the dog and trainer work is not. Nellie the dog Tom has out front won the National Cocker championship for 2010. Tom will tell you he now has the same resume' as Clark Gable, who was also a national championship trainer. We are not sure Scarlet O'Hara would agree with all that though. It is a well deserved honor for a great and unique dog trainer Tom Ness.

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  1. Great Videos. Got to love those little demons! One of these days I'll add one to my pack.