Sunday, February 6, 2011

Watching the river flow.

beadhead sowbug

Shiner Spring Ale
Red Ass
With the weekend racing at us at full speed Friday, we began to plan our agenda. Bird Season was ending and I wanted to at least one more effort on the ghost coveys of the Delta.  Also, since the weather had been so crappy all week, Susan and I tied several flys during the week that we thought would work on the Little Red River this time of year. We settled on me running our dogs Saturday, while Susan and Anna took a couple of our arrowheads to a local historic dig going on at Toltec Indian Mounds.  All dogs had a great run and enjoyed themselves alot. Gentleman Bob was gone long ago. I didn't have to worry about shooting the last one in the Delta. Of the arrowheads Susan and Anna took to Toltec, one was three hundred to five hundred years old, the other was from the Woodlands Era and was over two thousand years old. That's what they said anyway!  Saturday night found me thinking I was the Cisco Kid (blasted, drinking port) so we were a little slow getting to Heber Springs and the Little Red River on Sunday morning. It was 34 degrees, pissin rain and threatening to snow again. From the time the first sowbug and red ass hit the water, until we left three hours later, we caught fish. William finally got to use his new Winston Rod and really did great with it. Susan started fast and quickly faded - bragging never pays! We caught mostly rainbows but there were several wild  browns mixed in. We had several fish over 15 inches! The main lesson learned, (beside Port in moderation is best) is when the weather looks ugly and everyone else is getting ready for the superbowl GO FISHING!  After the trip we tried the new Shiner Spring Ale,Dortmunder style. It follows the Shiner Bock legend quite nicely. First warm day grab a few and enjoy South Texas at its best.The siren song of the Texas Panhandle is starting  to toture me so it can't be long before I'm back on the Comancheria , looking for Gentleman Bob for one more extented sortee.  Follow us there.

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  1. Sounds like a great day out! Nice brownie and really cool arrow head.