Sunday, December 4, 2011

Rainy Sundays

A rainy Sunday after another fruitless Arkansas Delta quail hunt had Susan and I searching for something interesting to do. My disdain for all things NFL, and God forbid we watch golf left few choices outside of tying a few flies. We came up with the idea of bottling a batch of beer our family had brewed last week. We will call it Peregrine Oktoberfest. Yeah, we know it's December but what the hell, October is a great month! It will be ready in a month or so. All bets are off on it being drinkable!
On another note, I am reading a really fun book about bird hunting in Montana titled 40 days Under the Big Sky, A Birdhunter's Journal. It's written by Jay Hanson. If you chase upland birds on the prairie and Great Plains you will enjoy it. It won't earn a Pulitzer, but it is short and readable and he covers about all of Montana and it's wide variety of gamebird hunting.

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