Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oddities,Invasions and Beer

My first thought when I saw the odd white blackbird was just to remark about it and drive on, but about a mile up the road we turned the FJ around to see if we could find it. Also, to prove to Susan what I said I saw! In a group of a couple of hundred blackbirds it is pretty easy to see a white one. Unfortunately our camera card was full so it got a pretty long ways away before we got any shots. This is the best we have and it is crappy but really cool. My brother Clay said it is lucky not to be hanging out in Beebe, Arkansas, on New Year's eve night. I think they have picked up several thousand dead blackbirds in the last couple of years. Click on the picture and it should get a little bigger.

Our next neat thing to happen in the birding world is seeing an invasion of Cedar Waxwings. As many as that same flock of blackbirds has blitzkrieg all the berry bushes in my hood. My mother and I have always been a fan of the slick and clean looking Waxies.

Finally, we have finished our second batch of beer, Peregrine Brewing Ambrose Ale. Not bad, not great. Next up is a bock. It won't  be as great as the Tommyknocker Butthead Bock. It is one of the best beers we have ever tried. If you go through Idaho Springs, Colorado, pick up some. We found our sixer sitting proudly between the Shiner and Lone Star in Shamrock, Texas. This is really great bock beer. Those elves have brewed a great beer.

Our mountain that we will attempt to climb this year has been identified. Fishing season started for us Saturday, and a trip to the Saxon Pub in Austin by God Texas to hear Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros looms on the horizon. We have a really wide canvass - get some colorful paint and help us paint it this spring.

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