Sunday, March 18, 2012

Upland HighWay

Most of the famous roads in America that you think about are the roads that go east and west or follow the coast line. For us its US 83. From the tip of Texas to the Canada border it has it going on if you are a bird hunter. White winged doves and bobwhite quail in South Texas starts the trip. Farther north in Texas it is blue and bobwhite quail. As you hop across the Oklahoma panhandle into Kansas the change in geography lends itself to larger birds. First is the lesser prairie chicken then ringneck pheasant. And finally the greater prairie chicken. Nebraska and South Dakota feature sharptail grouse, prairie chickens and pheasants.North Dakota adds the (pocket rocket) grey partridge, somewhere along the way I hope that a Sage Grouse is still out there. The end of the line is Brandon Manitoba, Canada. We have driven, hunted and followed some wonderful bird dogs  on several parts of this drive but still need to hit a few more. The culture moves from Native American and Spanish American, to Norwegian. Birds change from Gentleman Bob to the icon of the prairie, the prairie chicken grouse,and the wind always blows. It is either a drought, flood or some unbelievable snowstorm. But to Jack the Dog, Cap'n Pablo and the rest of our happy  furry gang,  all game birds smell the same. Hunt birds Jack, go find them!

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