Wednesday, September 5, 2012

High Altitude Blues

We have always liked the music of the Mississippi Delta - the Blues and Rock and Roll. I should be a natural at hunting Blue (Dusky) Grouse by that logic, wouldn't you agree. One of the goals that we set this year was to figure out how the hell to hunt, or for that matter even see a blue grouse. The short primer I got last year should have discouraged me after a million feet of altitude gain, a bright, burning sun, plus no birds. Stubborn, hard-headed, determined are all adjectives that could be used. Apply as you see fit! With that said, you know I had to try again. Bobby, Hazel and I started this morning on the western slope of the Rockies at about 9000 ft. and began to climb, slowly. Both dogs were enjoying the cold, 34 degree morning.  They actually acted like they knew what they were doing! I didn't, but I've always liked the saying "if  in doubt go higher", so we did.  Damn it is hard on a flatlander navigating big rocks next to long drops but we made it to 9500 ft. Both dogs got a good drink of water and moved about 25 yards when all hell broke loose. The first shot went god knows where.  Hazel kinda flash pointed and the second bird was up. It went straight in the sun and is still flying. The third was not so lucky. Hazel made the retrieve and we headed down hill. About 9200 ft. Bobby pointed and we had two! I was pretty damn ecstatic!  Hunting birds behind pointing dogs again in the most beautiful place I have been is a real treat. We have a friend that wants to try it on horses next week.  My horsemanship is way below Jennifer, Shelby and Colvin's so it might be a western rodeo! So to tie the title up, we rolled a blue in the rocks! Hell yeah.

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