Sunday, March 6, 2016

Barbarians are at the gate

For too many years men and women of the outdoors have been complacent when defending the public recreation land we have in the US. I know you don't read this blog or other blogs to hear me banging the drum on conservation. The fact is, if we don't wake up soon and fight for what we have it will soon be a fond memory. If you think it won't happen, did you really think some domestic terrorist group would ever commandeer a federal bird refuge! A freakin' bird refuge! In Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and many other western states, oligarchs, and their henchmen (paid off politicians),  are pushing legislation in respective state houses today that will take OUR public land away.  Conservative, misinformed politically active citizens are pushing for the same legislation and will put us on the highway to hell if they have their way.

Today an Idaho bill is being funded and pushed by ALEC (KocH Brothers). The bill's title is Abatement of Catastrophic Public Nuisance.  It lets the land grabbers stick their foot in the door  of public land management in an insidious way.  It would start the process of having public land managed by the state instead of the federal government. Would you like to see strip mines and oil wells on you next hike?  What about orange, wretched water or scorched earth grazing. There are many more in the hopper being supported by these goons and their minions.....What's yours should be mine and what is mine is mine. You don't know how to manage  these land for profit like we do.... It is the unspoken policy of the 1/10 percenters.

 Please help fight this modern day class warfare being waged to take your fishing, hiking, birdwatching,  hunting, plein air painting, photography and any number other great outdoor pursuits away. There are any number of wonderful conservation groups that need your support. High Country Citizens Alliance, Trout Unlimited, The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, to name a diverse few. A way you can get involved now is to sign this petition. It is a no bullshit way to get your name on the line and  start helping. 

Stand up and start banging that drum. Joni Mitchell said it best, "you don't know what you got until its gone".

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