Monday, August 23, 2010

Charlie Robison and Little Red River rainbows

Susan, Anna, Jimbo and I had a very busy Saturday night. First was Peyton Lyons wedding reception in Pine Bluff. It was a lot of fun seeing friends we don't get to see as much since we moved. After that we drove back to Little Rock and the Rev Room for a great Charlie Robison show. Charlie started with Down Again from the Beautiful Day album and ended with My Hometown from Life of the Party. He gets better everytime we see him and his band.
    After shaking the cobwebs loose and maybe a few aspirins I took off for the Little Red River in Heber Springs Ar. I got there pretty late but still caught quite a few rainbows on a #14 red-ass and #16 tan sowbug. Most of the rainbows were in the 12 inch range but landed two that were quite a bit larger. When we get the picture thing down we will post some pictures from Saturday night and Sunday.

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