Sunday, September 26, 2010

Robert Earl Keen and getting ready for Montana

Friday night Susan and I made our way to The Village in Little Rock to see one of our favorites - REK. It was our first trip to this venue and it would take a great performance to overcome the dreary atmosphere of a reborn movie theater. Robert Earl rarely disappoints and Friday night was no different. He started with The Man Behind the Drums and ended with the Road Goes on Forever.   In between, he hit most of his popular tunes and he threw in a few that only long time fans would know. He and his veteran band rose above the dinghy setting and performed flawlessly. The king of the Texas troubaours is just hitting his stride as a singer songwriter.We hoped to have pictures of William's Buffalo National River overnight trip but the camera hasn't made it here yet. Susan and I have started making the final preperations for the Great Montana adventure. We've edited our schedule several times and are finally pretty close to a rough schedule. We'll be turning oursleves loose in NE Montana bird hunting, Fort Benton and the Grand Union Hotel(check it out), Judith basin for more dog following, Little Big Horn and the Custer, Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse skirmish, the Bighorn River for a flyfishing day. Heading south to Shamrock, Texas to check out the bird lease will be  great way to end our latest wanderlust.  As with most plans I make, it takes alot of manuvuering to make it work. We will keep ya'll posted as it becomes relevant.
Billy and Susan

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