Thursday, October 7, 2010


Started Sunday morning going north and following America's harvest.  First stop Council Bluff Iowa.  The amount of corn and soybeans being harvested is beyond belief.  By the time we turned west on Monday in Fargo you could look any direction and see dust clouds that were combines harvesting corn and soybeans that 100 years ago would have been clouds made by the bison herds.  Monday night was spent at Thomas P. Ness's Oahe Kennels south of Bismarck, ND.  Tom is a World Champion Spaniel Trainer. He graciously put us and the dogs up for the night at his lodge.  The dogs were particularly happy to get out of the dog box and into the kennel.  We were treated to a training session early Tuesday with 6 of his champion spaniels.  Next stop - Teddy Roosevelt National Grasslands along I-94 near the Montana border.  Pretty awesome scenery.  We reached our destination Tuesday evening in Northeast Montana along the Missouri River.  You'll find us at the "Little Bird Home" just along the banks outside of Oswego, Montana.

Next update to include pictures!!!

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