Sunday, October 10, 2010

20,000 Roads We Went Down, Down, Down (Thank you Gram Parsons).

Wednesday morning found us on the Hi-Line (US 2) looking for a turn north. We got our first taste of "The Big Open" as this country is called. Vast is an understatement. We turned north on Hiway 13, the road to Scobey, MT.  The first 3 places we stopped proved futile for Huns and Grouse, but we did see some tracks.  The fourth stop was the Ponderosa Bar in Scobey. We were given permission by the barmaid  to hunt on a farm east of Scobey in Flaxville.  We continued to sample the fine Montana beer.  We sampled the Dump Truck Summer Bock.  It was pretty good, so we had another!  Back to the hunt.  We made first contact with our quarry - a small covey of Hungarian Partridge.  Unfortunately Hazel (English Setter) didn't get the memo on Huns.  We headed back south thru the Fort Peck Indian Reservation aka the Rez, tired but not discouraged.  Thursday we decided to go South and a fine day was had by all including our dogs. We had a great day with Sharp Tail and by 9:30 we were exploring new territory.  The highlight of our excursion of our so far has been sighting a Prairie Falcon and three Golden Eagles.  We've had beautiful dog work and look foward to Saturday, when the Little Brown Dogs (Boykins) go to work on the Pheasants.

Thanks for following along.  Our IT folks have had a little problem with hardware for pictures.  We promise they'll show up.

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