Monday, October 11, 2010

birds, dogs and lots of mud

Montana pheasant season opened Saturday morning and we found a nice looking basin south of the "Big Muddy" on a block management ranch and got there early. Unfortunately Montana picked Saturday to get one twelfth of it's yearly rain fall for this region (about twelve inches).  We decided to run Anna's dog Jack the Dog first in a large stream bottom and then bring out the Boykins for the thick stuff around the homestead. Jack the Dog pointed four pheasants and held them great. They were all hens so they are still out there.We next brought out the rooster pros with Buckwheat and William's buddy Pierre. Pierre had a banner morning but it just kept pissin' rain and we were soaked so we made a run back across the river. We hadn't counted on rain because a guitar and Ipod don't give weather forecast.(no tv, wifi, or smoke signals). We will promise you Arkansas Delta buckshot has nothing on this soil.We were leaving before noon Sunday so we stayed close to our cabin. Once again the little brown dogs did great. Energy is not lacking with these dogs. Jack the Dog on the other hand decided he would see the next county.The Garman Astro 220 once again proved its worth. With all dogs in tow we then took the Hi-Line west to Malta,got some great homemade ice cream in Nashua, checked out the dinosaurs at the Fort Peck Dam,and motored to Billings. Tomorrow Sitting Bull, Custer, and Crazy Horse followed by an afternoon of fishing on the Bighorn.
Billy and Susan