Friday, March 18, 2011

Ryan Freakin Bingham

While on a bird hunt in the nether reaches of Texas last year, we decided to start this blog.  As you can tell from the title, we like independence, adventurism, and taking the road less traveled. "Turn Me Loose, Set Me Free" comes from Merle Haggerd's epic hit Big City, so we obviously also like music. With all that in mind, you should probably come to the conclusion that if we enjoy something it doesn't mean everyone else does. We have strived not to be a pack follower. The perfect musician for us then has to be Ryan Bingham! He blew into Little Rock Monday a day early, trying to find a fishing trip. We are not sure what he found - the weather was one of those ugly, early March days, so who knows. What we do know, is that on Tuesday night he put on the greatest performance we have seen in our music listening lives. Bear in mind this goes all the way back to the Stones, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night.
Ryan Bingham has become famous for his song "The Weary Kind" from the movie Crazy Heart, but that does not tell the tale of a songwriter who is a mix of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthry, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and Howlin Wolf.  He is the new voice of the downtrodden, doomed, damned and despaired.  Keep in mind Ryan Bingham is a young guy.  If the stars stay aligned, he has many years of great songs ahead of him. A live show is one hour and forty five minutes of high energy music. Much like the Band of Heathens, his music is the same rock and roll we listened to several years ago.   It isn't country and it isn't pop. It's Rock N Roll! If he plays within driving distance of you, do yourself a favor and go support a great musician that has refused to sell out. There is very little outdoors in this blog today but coming in the near future is the best time of the year for bird watching, also turkey season, Italy, Ozark and Rocky mountain trout fishing, Ozark smallmouth fishing, a few Buffalo River excursions, a White River Refuge Spotted bass trip, the Tour of Colorado bicycle race and climbing one of The Rockie's fourteeners.  Pretty ambitious and quite unlikely to do all of them. Stay tuned.
The Video is taken from a  phone Tuesday night. The skinny kid in the Chuck Taylors and pearl snaps can really shred a guitar! Ryan Freakin Bingham! Oh yeah, to hear the video scoll down and turn off the music post at the bottom.

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  1. Stumbled across your blog...I'm a huge Bingham fan...saw him and Willie at Red Rocks last fall...really good show. I also should mention that I grew up hunting behind english setter's in ND. Haven't done much bird hunting since moving to CO, but the trout fishing has improved :-)