Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't come lookin agin.

Saturday we attended my son,William's graduation from the Clinton School of Public Service, where he received a Master of Public Service degree. The commencement speaker was named Pierre Ferrari. I really was confused.  Was the dude French, Italian, a painter, or a fast car maker? Also ,William's Boykin Spaniel is named Pierre. It was just too much for me to sort out.  Mr. Ferrari, who is the newly appointed CEO of Heifer International and a native of the Belgian Congo, did have three really wonderful points that I would like to share.  First, always ask why? This will lead to the second important point, be curious. In the outdoor world being curious certainly adds to the experience of going over the next hill or around the next bend in the road, river or trail. Our detours are usually the most fun part of an adventure. Being curious can lead to swapping hunting spots with a buddy, going fishing on a different water, hiking or floating a bottom land trail or stream instead of your normal routine.  It could be putting down the Budlight or Miller Lite and drink ing a craft beer.. The third point that really struck home with me from Mr. Ferrari was listen and enjoy music. Think about where the song takes you. There was a really terrible song  named Hang on Sloopy that I named my first beagle after. He was a pretty saddle-backed hound that had a great voice that I still hear when that song goes through my mind. Also, when best my buddies and I were in high school we would camp out in the Wabbaseka Scatters swamp during turkey season. We felt like the Bayou Meto WMA was ours so when we found someone scouting or hunting in "our" area we would leave a note on their windshield that said "Don't come lookin agin" and sign it Black Water Haddie. The song was Swamp Witch  by Jim Stafford and was played about every other song on the rock and country stations. We never really scared anyone away from our perceived home turf.  Everytime my buddies and I hear "Space Oddity" by David Bowie, I think of a turkey hunt of our youth and "ground control calling Major Tom" to get his ass off that limb and let us whack him.  Once again it rarely worked but the song still means that to a bunch of school skipping turkey hunters from the Arkansas Delta.  "Across the Great Divide" by The Band reminds me of my first trip to the Colorado Rockies. I still see the snow capped mountains of Loveland Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel. I am pulled closer in my mind every time I hear Rick Danko sing it. So when you head out on the next adventure, I think you will really enjoy incorporating the three high points of Mr Ferrari's speech. Also for your listening pleasure, punch the video below and see where it takes you. My buddies that listen will be headed back to the early 1970's with their best friends. It is dedicated to Jimmy, Ray, Jerry Lee, Mac and Jane. Also to our nemisis,  the Bogy Brothers (Jesse, Lonnie, and Belton). We also can't forget the Bearded Man. We still don't know that turkey killing sum-bitch's name.

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