Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our top five

We really hate best of list, soooo......... here is our best music for 2011!!!

Robbie Robertson, How to become Clairvoyant.....

Robyn Ludwick, Out of these blues.

The Band of Heathens, Top hat Crown and the Clapmaster

Emmylou Harris,  Hard Bargain

Reckless Kelly, Good Luck and True Love
Somehow or another I forgot Gilliam Welch's The Harrow and the Harvest. It is a great album and I had been waiting for quite a while for it! I would put in my number four spot.
Also our favorite song of the year is New Orleans by Robyn Ludwick. If you a are not sure who she is check her out. She has a unique sound that really grabs you.

I also kinda like the Black Keys, El Camino and and Buddy Millers The Majestic Silver Strings.
Have a great new year, our first batch of beer will be ready soon! We are looking for a taster.

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