Saturday, January 7, 2012

On The Road In America

One of our favorite books is Jack Kerouac's iconic On the Road. We have driven across Mid America this summer,fall,and winter several times, as did the main character in that book, Sal Paradise.  I can't paint the picture that Kerouac did with my words, but Susan and I can take a picture out  of a fast moving FJ Cruiser window!  These are some of the wonderful things that people and towns have put on the side of the road to shout " Hey look at me", or" We have this great thing here, come and see it".  In some instances I really can't figure out what the hell they are saying.  Our traveling bird hunting brethren will recognize some of these.  Most are between the Mississippi River and the great Rocky Mountains.  Most are along our major roads. Our absolute favorite is from a small town in North Dakota - Turtle Lake. Where else can you find a giant cooter at the entrance of your town. The next time you are on a road trip, download On The Road and enjoy our great and kinda weird America.

I 94 North Dakota

I 94 North Dakota (Salem Sue)

                                                                    The Hi Line Montana

                                                                The Hi Line Montana

                                                                    On the Road

                                                                   Oakley, Kansas (Buffalo Bill Cody)

                                                                Quitaque, Texas

                                                                 I 35 south Oklahoma

                                                                 Western Kansas  

                                                               Turtle Lake, North Dakota

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